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Modern House

Unlocking Your Property Potential with
One-Point-Operations Ltd.

Why Choose Us

  • Guaranteed agreed rental income directly from One-Point-Operations Ltd. as your primary contact  

  • ​Full rental commitment to be agreed for a much longer time period-no more tenant changes and associated fees (time period to be agreed depending on your preference)​

  • All properties will be professionally cleaned on a regular basis to be kept in an immaculate condition for our paying guests to feel well looked after​


Basically, no more work required by the owner​. No more headache and worries about potential violations or damages to your asset as of the traditional “Anti-Landlord” Tenant rights by "Section 24“​

Of course, you will keep 100% ownership of your asset to grow in value and enjoy the monthly cashflow.


​Full transparency to build a trusted relationship



Client and contractor

My name is Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke (née Mohr)

Stephanie Cooke

I am the Owner and Director of ONE-POINT-OPERATIONS Ltd.

More and more news are reporting ongoing tenant issues for property owners worldwide.

I am myself a property owner and I understand that owning an investment property is setting the base for a passive income to retire from all hassle and the idea is to let your asset work for you to generate continuous income.

I asked myself why so many lettings create so many worries for all the landlords and landladies who are providing living space for everyone.

I decided to help with solutions to take the work load off you whilst you can enjoy the advantages from owning an investment stress free and enjoy your returns to let me deal with all ongoing operations in a fully compliant, legal,  trusted and transparent manner. 



Are you tired of chasing after your well deserved monthly rental income with the danger of damages to your assets and investing your time with repeatably occurring problems from numerous tenant issues? 


Let us help - No fees included and we guarantee your monthly payments and full transparency with only one person of contact.

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